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The past and future of China's used excavator market

Release Time: 2019-05-28

Source: China Machinery Trading Co., Ltd.

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The past and future of China's used excavator market

In the second-hand excavator market, the main resources come from domestic and foreign markets. Take the Shanghai used excavator market as an example. The second-hand excavators sold by enterprises can be divided into imported, joint venture and domestic production. Most of the imported second-hand excavators come from Japan, and they transport these excavators through customs to the second-hand excavator market in Shanghai. Japan is the world's largest exporter of used machinery. Production of used excavators eliminated by leasing companies, products of professional engineering companies after construction or change, and products redeemed due to inability to repay bank mortgage loans.

The joint venture products of foreign companies have established production bases in China and sold them to domestic customers. After a long period of time, they have entered the second-hand excavator market. Domestic products mainly come from domestic manufacturers. They sell these excavators to customers and then flow Used excavator market.

In addition, in the used excavator market, the popular used excavators are mainly foreign excavators. The reason why domestic people prefer foreign excavators is that the quality of foreign excavators is good. As we all know, foreign countries have more advanced technology than we do. They are good at combining advanced technology with innovative ideas. Therefore, second-hand excavators abroad enjoy a better reputation than domestic second-hand excavators.

And most of the excavators used have almost the same quality and performance as the new excavators, and they are much cheaper. Therefore, more and more people choose to use an excavator instead of a brand new excavator. In addition, the exquisite design of the excavator has increased the price of the excavator, resulting in less and less people's ability to afford it, so more and more used excavators are needed.

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