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The Definition And The Production Structure Of Small Excavator

Release Time: 2019-05-28

Source: China Machinery Trading Co., Ltd.

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The Definition And The Production Structure Of Small Excavator

  In these countries where is not very commonly used excavating loader, tend to use of 4 ~ 6 ton product. However, almost all countries tended to buy larger equipment, from which we conclude the definition of small used excavators loader is 1 ~ 6 - ton can be called a small used excavator. The proportion of 2.7 ~ 3.0 t products is larger, the reason for this is that they can easily use the generic transport vehicles to ferry. Small used excavator benefit from the cabinet body, the main urban become the ideal equipment of earthwork engineering application.

  Since the nineties of the 20th century, small construction machinery in the construction of municipal engineering, transportation has played a larger advantage and develop rapidly. Small used excavators in these engineering made a large contribution to save manpower and material resources. To meet various requirements in the city within the narrow working space to maximize its production capacity. It gradually becomes the representative of the urban construction machinery. The development of small used excavator mainly depends on the development of city construction. Which because of the transformation, the construction of the city is more, with short construction time, construction machinery and small impact on the environment, safety, low pollution, small turning radius and so on. It is easy to transport and has coordinated with city landscape appearance and so on.

  The small used excavator is generally contianed by the power device, transmission device, walking device and working device and so on. The principle of it is very important, such as scoop mining above or below the bearing machine of material, and load transport vehicles or discharge to the stocking yard earthmoving machines. Scoop from working face shovel debris or minerals and sending it to uninstall unloading site self-propelled mining machinery. The first manual appeared used excavator has been 130 years of history, has experienced during by the steam drive bucket excavator to the electric drive and drive the internal combustion engine turned used excavator. The application technology of mechanical and electrical integration of liquid automatic hydraulic excavator's gradual development process.

  Due to the application of hydraulic technology, in the 1940 s have hanging on the tractor equipped with hydraulic backhoe used excavator. In the early 1950s and mid successively developed the towed rotary hydraulic excavator and crawler type hydraulic excavator. The early development of hydraulic used excavator is to use the plane and the machine tool hydraulic technology. It lacks of various working conditions is suitable for the excavator's hydraulic components, manufacturing quality is not stable, fittings is not complete. From 1968 to 1970, hydraulic used excavator production has accounted for 83% of excavator production, it is now close to 100%.

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