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Small Volvo excavator bucket

Release Time: 2020-03-03


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Small Volvo excavator bucket
Volvo excavator buckets are suitable for a variety of working conditions and are perfect for trenching and handling. China Machinery has been the dealer of used excavators for more than ten years. Let us analyze the buckets of Volvo excavators today!

The ultimate goal of Volvo excavator universal buckets is for excavation operations in a variety of geological conditions. Capable of handling soil, clay, sand, and sludge, as well as more difficult-to-treat formations containing gravel and gravel. The universal Volvo bucket uses a reinforced cutting edge and welded wear strips, which are very hard-wearing and suitable for hard and dense materials. There are two basic models
"Straight" and "universal" buckets.

What are the dimensional parameters of the universal Volvo excavator bucket? What kind of excavator is suitable for?

The universal Volvo bucket is suitable for EC80D and EC55D excavators. It contains three excavator bucket models with different capacities, bucket capacities of 0.31, 0.34, 0.37, and cutting widths ranging from 770mm, 830mm, and 890mm. Bucket weight: 212Kg with 0.31 capacity, 220Kg with 0.34 capacity, 230Kg with 0.37 bucket.

"Straight" Volvo bucket is suitable for EC55D excavator, bucket capacity is 0.099, cutting width is 450mm, and weight is 100Kg.

Volvo excavator bucket accessories will be shared here first. Chinese machinery is a used Volvo manufacturer. It has absolute advantages in exporting used Volvo excavators. If you want to buy Used Volvo excavators, you can contact us as soon as possible.

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