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Reasons for the damage of excavator bucket teeth

Release Time: 2020-07-06


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Reasons for the damage of excavator bucket teeth

During the excavation operation, the various working surfaces of the bucket teeth are in contact with the object to be excavated, and the stress conditions are different at different working stages in the excavation process.

✧When the tooth tip of the tooth first touches the surface of the material, due to the faster speed, the tooth tip of the tooth will be subjected to a strong impact load. If the yield strength of the bucket tooth material is low, plastic deformation will occur at the tip. As the digging depth increases, the force on the bucket teeth will change.

When the bucket teeth cut the material, relative motion occurs between the bucket teeth and the material, and a large squeeze is generated on the surface, thereby generating a large friction between the bucket tooth working surface and the material. If the material is a hard rock block, concrete, etc., the friction will be great.

The result of the repeated action of this process is that different degrees of surface wear are generated on the working surface of the bucket teeth, which in turn produces a deeper furrow that causes the bucket teeth to be scrapped. Therefore, the quality of the wear layer on the surface of the bucket teeth directly affects the service life of the bucket teeth.