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Reasons for buying Hitachi 300 excavator-ZX300-5A

Release Time: 2020-03-24


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Reasons for buying Hitachi 300 excavator-ZX300-5A
Among the used Hitachi 300 excavators, the Hitachi ZX300-5A excavator is based on the characteristics of high quality, low fuel consumption and high durability for new exhaust emission requirements and the development of energy conservation and environmental protection.

Among the used excavators for export, the second-hand Hitachi ZX300-5A excavators are recommended for the following reasons:

Efficient fuel, efficient operation

The used Hitachi ZX300-5A uses a new engine and Hitachi HIOSⅢ hydraulic system. The precise EFI system greatly improves fuel efficiency and reduces exhaust emissions. Matching with Hitachi hydraulic system, it brings fast working speed and achieves high performance.

Engine perfect control

The used Hitachi ZX300-5A is equipped with an original imported new Isuzu engine with a rated power of 171KW, and uses a high-pressure common rail electronically controlled fuel injection system and a cold EGR system, matching Hitachi's patented latest HIOSIII hydraulic system to achieve perfect engine control. Achieve high power, fast speed, low fuel consumption, and economical and efficient operating performance. The power mode provides a PWR mode that brings large workloads and an economical and fuel-efficient ECO mode.

High digging force of bucket and stick

Used Hitachi ZX300-5A has large bucket digging force and stick digging force. If a power booster is used, the digging force will instantly increase by 10%. The operator can obviously feel the increase in digging force during the operation, and it is especially suitable for digging operations on hard foundations.

Attachment support system

Valve switching and flow setting can be performed through a multi-function monitor, which improves work efficiency. In addition, the monitor can display the number of hours the breaker has been working, making it easy to determine when the hydraulic oil and filters need to be replaced.

Hitachi HIOSⅢ hydraulic system, the working device moves more quickly

The new hydraulic system has developed the "excavation speed increasing system" and "boom regeneration system" on the basis of the original hydraulic system. The efficient and accurate hydraulic control increases the operating speed and realizes fast and smooth compound operation. Easy to navigate.

Durable reliability

The service life of used Hitachi ZX300-5A is related to the profit return of customers. The ZX300-5A is equipped with a new high-quality engine and is designed to be durable. At the same time, the structural parts are strengthened, and Hitachi's patented technology is used in many places to improve durability and ensure that the machine can run stably for a long time.

In addition, the new engine with high reliability and durability is also a highlight. The new 5A engine with high durability and efficient output as the development concept is sturdy and durable in design. Not only the core components are strengthened, but the fuel circuit is optimized, and the multi-stage fuel filtration system is used to make the engine perform well. The advanced cooling system ensures that the engine is in a good running state, the expansion water tank improves the exhaust performance of the cooling circuit, and the surroundings of the engine are made of high durability materials, which can maintain the cooling performance for a long time.

Comfortable and safe cab

It is important for the operator to be able to operate comfortably and safely. The used Hitachi ZX300-5A provides ample operating space and a wide field of vision, and the wayward design of multiple places allows operators to enjoy the pleasure of work easily and freely. The used ZX300-5A cab has ample legroom and excellent visibility. The height and width of the cab entrance are large, making it easier to get in and out; there is plenty of foot space; the front window glass is large, and the large area of glass is used on the right and under the driver's door to provide a wider view. The monitor switch and air conditioner switch are centralized on the right console for easier operation. The reasonable layout of the air outlets can ensure that the air circulation in the cab is even and smooth.

Easy maintenance
ZX300-5A is designed to save customers' time and operating costs. Not only has the reasonable configuration of daily maintenance components, but also improved the design and quality, making maintenance work more worry-free.

Used Hitachi 300 excavator, the choice of used ZX300-5A is the same as the brand-new ZX300-5A in appearance and performance. Hitachi used excavator manufacturer China Machinery offers a variety of Hitachi excavator models. Every used excavator sold by China Machinery The equipment has undergone our strict demolition screening and inspection to ensure that the second-hand excavator is completely consistent with what they know when it is delivered to the customer. We fully disclose the working time of the equipment, make the price and the value of the equipment consistent, and strive to provide customers with The most worthy excavator.

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