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What is the price of a used Komatsu PC60-7 excavator?

Release Time: 2020-11-19


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What is the price of a used Komatsu PC60-7 excavator?
Many excavator friends like Komatsu PC60-7 excavator. Today, the editor of China Machinery will talk about the price of used Komatsu PC60-7 excavator. What are the parameters and advantages of Komatsu PC60-7 excavator?

1. What is the current price of used Komatsu 60-7 excavator?

Because the Komatsu PC60-7 excavator is a Komatsu brand, its value retention is quite high.

Second-hand Komatsu PC60-7 excavators are generally priced at around $24,350, while many prices for Komatsu 60 in the China machinery second-hand excavator market are now at $16714. Of course, the price of second-hand excavators is still determined by the condition of the car.

2. Parameters and advantages of second-hand Komatsu PC60-7 excavator

Komatsu PC60-7 excavator is a more cost-effective model among users. It is characterized by fast speed, agile movements, and fuel consumption of about 6 to 7 liters per hour.

The engine of the used Komatsu PC60-7 is a Komatsu 4D95LE engine independently developed by Komatsu. It has strong power and fast speed, with a maximum digging force of 5590KN, a bucket capacity of 0.28 square meters, and a total weight of 6300KG.

Compared with other brand 60 excavators, Komatsu PC60-7 excavator has the advantages of large size and high cost of shift. The second-hand Komatsu PC60-7 from China Machinery is in good condition, with a recent age, and well maintained. They are all original paint, pure earthmoving vehicles. The engine, hydraulic pump, and distribution valve are all original and moderately priced. Welcome new and old customers to come to visit.

For more models and more knowledge of second-hand excavators, please follow the official website of China Machinery.