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Price of Chinese excavators increase in 2020. How do international brand excavators choose?

Release Time: 2020-04-20


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Price of Chinese excavators increase in 2020. How do international brand excavators choose?
In the first quarter of 2020, the price of equipment in China's machinery industry has announced an increase in prices within a week. Look at the reasons for the price increase and will agents of international brands also follow the trend to increase prices or maintain them?
1. Why should the price increase?
A: Most of the official announcements are due to the epidemic situation, the supply chain situation is grim, and procurement and logistics costs are rising.

2. What effect does the price increase have on the end customer?
A: For customers who have already bought machinery, no matter whether the price is really increased or not, the impact on us is not practical, and they are all on the sidelines. Customers who are planning to buy construction machinery need to consider carefully whether they really need to buy an excavator?
3. Will the price increase continue?
A: For ordinary customers, it makes no sense. Buying an excavator makes money mainly by looking for projects and checkout, buying expensive and cheap, and has little to do with making money. Buy immediately if you work hard, and don't buy it if it is 10% cheaper.

4. Will there be brand price increases in the future?
A: There will definitely be, the difference is whether it is a high-profile announcement or a silent price increase.
 5. After the price increase, will the competition be fierce?
A: The competition will continue to be fierce as before, and the way of competition may change, depending on the pattern changes and the strength comparison.
At present, it is mainly due to the rising prices of domestic brands, which have limited profits and are motivated by price increases. The headquarters of domestic brands is located in China, and they are more familiar with the operation of the Chinese market and have a faster response. International brands like Carter. Komatsu, Hitachi, and Volvo brand excavators have not yet officially raised their prices.
The price of these used excavators from China Machinery will not rise. Do n’t worry about the rapid price increase of the new excavator brand will affect the market price of used excavators, but it is stable at present. Global development is adjusted.
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