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Performance of mini excavator

Release Time: 2021-04-16


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Performance of mini excavator

Mini excavators are also called small excavators, and the definitions of mini excavators are also different. Most users now prefer small excavators, the reason is that they can easily use general-purpose transportation vehicles for ground transfer. The small excavator benefits from its compact body and is mainly an ideal equipment for earthwork applications in urban areas.

The performance of the mini excavator:

1.Mini construction machinery has made great contributions to saving manpower and material resources in municipal engineering, transportation and other constructions. 

It can maximize its production capacity in the narrow working space of the city, and gradually become a representative construction machine in urban construction.

2. Mini excavators are involved in the transformation and construction of cities. These projects require short construction time, small impact on the surrounding environment by construction machinery, safety, low pollution, small turning radius, easy transportation, and an appearance that is in harmony with the urban scenery. , This requires a mini excavator to complete.

3. Due to the use of rubber tracks for mini excavators, when operating laterally, the stable fulcrum of the excavator is no longer the outermost side of the track, but the outermost ground contact point of the supporting wheels. 

The ViCTAS system moves the supporting wheels to the outside and limits them to the width of the car body, which improves the stability of the whole machine and reduces the body weight.

In order to maintain the high performance of the mini excavator, it is best to maintain the small excavator. If the mini excavator is not used in winter, it should be properly kept and maintained. The mini excavator can only perform best when it is used again.

second-hand Komatsu PC56-7 excavator

According to "environment", "safety" and "IT", the second-hand Komatsu PC56-7 is the basic concept developed by Komatsu for its construction machinery. It is a compact excavator with high quality and accurately meets the needs of the market.


China Machinery Trading Co., Ltd. has a mini excavator called Komatsu PC56-7. This excavator has excellent performance and is a high-performance mini excavator. Those who need a high-performance mini excavator should not miss it.