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What is Motor grader

Release Time: 2021-05-10


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What is Motor grader

Motor grader is an earth-moving machine that uses scrapers to level the ground. The scraper is installed between the front and rear axles of the machine and can lift, tilt, rotate and extend.

The action is flexible and accurate, the operation is convenient, and the leveling site has high precision. It is suitable for constructing roadbeds and roads, building side slopes, digging side ditches, mixing road mixtures, sweeping snow, pushing loose materials, and carrying out soil roads and roads. Maintenance of gravel roads


Motor graders are the main machinery used for shaping and leveling operations in earthwork, and are widely used for large-area ground leveling operations such as highways and airports. The reason why the grader has a wide range of auxiliary work capabilities is that its scraper can complete a 6-degree movement in space. They can be carried out individually or in combination.

Motor grader usage

The grader can provide sufficient strength and stability for the subgrade during subgrade construction. Its main methods in roadbed construction include leveling operations, slope brushing operations, and embankment filling.

The grader is a high-speed, high-efficiency, high-precision and multi-purpose earth-moving engineering machine. It can complete large-scale ground leveling, trenching, slope scraping, bulldozing, snow discharging, loosening, compaction, cloth, mixing, installation assistance and wasteland reclamation in large areas such as highways and farmland.

 Used Cat Motor grader

Motor grader is an important equipment in the construction of national defense engineering, mine construction,road construction, water conservancy construction and farmland improvement. Highway subgrade is the foundation of road surface and an important part of highway engineering. The subgrade bears the traffic load from the road surface and is the supporting structure of the road surface. It must have sufficient strength, stability and durability. According to the different terrain, the roadbed generally adopts two forms: embankment and cutting.

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