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Models of Cat excavators available from China Machinery

Release Time: 2020-02-28


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Models of Cat excavators available from China Machinery
Caterpillar As a leading manufacturer of heavy equipment for construction and mining, Caterpillar produces excavators of all sizes and types.
Second China Machinery is a dealer of used excavators. Today we introduce to you which used Caterpillar excavators we sell!

There are three types of Caterpillar excavators in China Machinery Trade: used mini excavators, used standard excavators, used large excavators

Caterpillar mini excavators come in several different models and are ideal for landscaping, urban and residential construction, and small construction projects. Caterpillar mini excavator on compact machine
Provides strong power and durability, and is easy to precisely control. Choose between standard, zero and near-zero tail swing options to fit your workplace and project needs.
China Machinery Trade provides used small excavators: used Caterpillar 301 series, used Caterpillar 302 series, and used Caterpillar 305 series mini excavators.

Caterpillar standard excavators provide the power you need to handle the toughest tasks from trenching to material handling. Caterpillar standard excavators are designed for speed and efficiency,
Carter used excavators from China Machinery Trading Agency can maximize productivity and reduce operating costs. Our durable used Carter excavators require less maintenance and reduce fuel consumption.
The Carter excavators we currently stock are: Caterpillar 306, Caterpillar 307, Caterpillar 310 series excavators. Please consult us for specific model prices and performance.

Caterpillar mid-sized excavators provide greater efficiency and productivity, increasing efficiency by up to 45%, reducing fuel consumption by up to 25%, and reducing maintenance costs by up to 20%.
China Machinery Trade second-hand Caterpillar excavator can help you achieve your production goals, reduce operating costs and solve any difficult tasks you encounter, such as: Caterpillar 313, Caterpillar 318,
Caterpillar 320, Caterpillar 315, Caterpillar 320 and other medium excavators are all good choices.

For the most challenging jobs, Caterpillar produces several heavy-duty large excavators for construction, mining, agriculture, and more. These industrial hammers provide reliable digging and lifting capabilities,
Can shorten the working hours of any mining project. Despite the large size of the large excavator, it can still provide superior fuel efficiency and excellent performance. China's machinery trade takes user needs into consideration
Excavators ranging from 25 to 45 tons, such as used Cart 330, used Cart 336, and used Cart 340, are prepared for everyone.

If you are looking for a reliable, efficient and powerful used Carter excavator, China Machinery is your best choice. We offer a variety of used mini, standard and large Cat used excavators,
To meet or exceed your project requirements. Selling used Cat excavators, you can find excavators that fit your needs and budget. Many of our used excavators have the same performance and durability as new machines.
If you want to buy more than two used Caterpillar excavators, please let us know in advance and we will find the best used Caterpillar excavators for you in the shortest time.We offer discounted used excavators for sale.