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Meet used Volvo excavator models

Release Time: 2020-03-04


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Meet used Volvo excavator models
How many types of excavators are there? There are many models of Volvo excavators. Are you dazzled when choosing or familiarizing yourself with Volvo excavators because The naming of Volvo excavators does not see their differences. Today, China Machinery sorted out the names of those excavators for Volvo and made it clear

Since there are so many models of Volvo excavators, we start with the size of the excavator and are divided into five types: miniature Volvo excavators, small Volvo excavators, medium Volvo excavators, large Volvo excavators, super large Volvo excavators
In the mini Volvo excavator, two models are introduced: Volvo ECR18E excavator, Volvo ECR25D excavator
Mini Volvo excavators: Volvo EC60C mini excavator, Volvo EC80D PRO mini excavator, Volvo EC18D mini excavator, Volvo EC75D excavator
Volvo EC60D mini excavator, Volvo EW60C mini excavator, Volvo EC55D mini excavator
Medium Volvo Excavators:  Volvo EC210D Track Excavator, Volvo EC120D, Volvo EC300DL, Volvo EC140DL, Volvo EC170DL, Volvo EC210DLR, Volvo EC210DL, Volvo EC220DL, Volvo EC220DLR, Volvo EC250DLR, Volvo EC250DL, Volvo EC220D, Volvo EC250D

Large Volvo excavators: Volvo EC380DL crawler excavator, Volvo EC350DL, Volvo EC350D
Very large Volvo excavators: Volvo EC480DL crawler excavator, Volvo EC700CL, Volvo EC950EL, Volvo EC750DL

In fact, the models of Volvo excavators are far more than these. These models sorted out by China Machinery are only the used excavator models collected by our company. We export used Volvo Excavators have been around for decades. If you want to buy a used excavator, we have more machines for you to choose from.

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