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Low-priced used medium-sized Hitachi excavators-China Machinery

Release Time: 2020-07-20


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Low-priced used medium-sized Hitachi excavators-China Machinery

Today, I will introduce the used Hitachi medium-sized excavator sold by China Machinery-Hitachi ZX240-3G.


The basic attributes of Hitachi ZX240-3G excavator:

Type: Medium

Excavation method: backhoe

Way of walking: track

Drive mode: hydraulic

Working weight (kg): 23500


Hitachi ZX240-3G

So what everyone cares about most is the price of Hitachi excavators. China Machinery is specialized in the sale of used excavators. Of course, the overall performance of the excavators will be controlled, which can be guaranteed.


At present, the price of the used Hitachi ZX240-3G sold by China Machinery is from 1.5 million to 1.65 million, and the price will vary according to the brand-new model and the degree of wear.


Interested friends can contact 86-13916242186 as soon as possible, first come first served.