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Low Emissions and High Efficiency Used Hitachi ZH200-5A

Release Time: 2020-09-07


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Low Emissions and High Efficiency Used Hitachi ZH200-5A

In the face of energy shortages and environmental issues that have attracted much attention, in order to realize the sustainable development of society and the long-term value of customers, Hitachi Construction Machinery has integrated the comprehensive technical strength of Hitachi Group and launched a new hybrid excavator-Hitachi ZH200-5A.

Even if it is used Hitachi ZH200-5A, China Machinery can guarantee 90% new models. Welcome to visit on site.

used Hitachi ZH200-5A

Hitachi ZH200-5A

The Hitachi ZH200-5A hybrid excavator combines the comprehensive technical strength of the Hitachi Group and is equipped with a brand-new TRIAS-HX system, which inherits Hitachi Construction Machinery’s years of accumulation in the fields of hydraulic excavators, electric excavators, and battery-driven excavators Experience, through the integration, achieved lower fuel consumption and lower emissions.

Energy saving and environmental protection to achieve lower fuel consumption and less emissions

The TRIAS-HX system is a hybrid power system + an energy-saving 3-pump hydraulic system. It inherits Hitachi's rich performance technology in the field of hydraulic, electric, and battery excavators, and is developed on this basis. 

The hybrid system and the energy-saving 3-pump 3-valve hydraulic system greatly reduce fuel consumption and emissions by taking advantage of their energy-saving advantages.

In PWR mode, fuel consumption is reduced by 15% and fuel efficiency is improved by 18% (compared to ZX200-5A)

In PWR mode, fuel consumption is reduced by 25% and fuel efficiency is increased by 33% (compared to ZX200-5G)

Better job performance

Hitachi ZH200-5A hybrid excavator bucket maximum digging force 143KN, stick maximum digging force 103KN, walking speed (high/low) 5.5, 3.5 (km/h); equipped with Isuzu original imported GI-4HK1XKSA-03 engine, The rated power (net) reaches 113KW, combined with a 3-pump 3-valve hydraulic system to achieve excellent basic performance. 

The standard 0.91m3 large-capacity bucket, combined with the high-efficiency hydraulic system, brings a large amount of work, and fully demonstrates its high efficiency at sites with many loading and unloading materials.

More reliable and durable

The Hitachi ZH200-5A hybrid excavator is equipped with a 5A engine with high durability and efficient output as the test concept, and the design is sturdy and durable.

In addition, the CPU of ZH200-5A adopts Hitachi inverter technology, and the cables and connectors for high-power transmission are special hybrid parts developed jointly with Hitachi Wire. 

Waterproof treatment and shielding treatment are implemented to improve reliability and durability in harsh environments. 

The use of capacitors, compared to nickel-metal hydride or lithium-ion batteries, longer life and more economical.

Easy maintenance

ZH200-5A aims to save customers' time and operating costs, rationally layout and design daily maintenance components, and use electronic management to save time and effort for maintenance.