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How much is a Komatsu used mini excavator?

Release Time: 2020-02-10


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How much is a Komatsu used mini excavator?
As an excavator imported from Japan, Komatsu excavators have a good reputation and occupy an important market share among many brand excavators. Second-hand Komatsu excavators are loved by many friends. Buy a favorite second-hand Komatsu excavator. Everyone Metropolis shop around, today China Machinerybrought a price list of Komatsu second-hand small excavators, so that everyone is more assured when buying.

Komatsu 50: more than 120,000
Komatsu 60: 12-22 thousand
Komatsu 220-6-7-8: 220,000-50 million
Komatsu 210-6-7-8: 350,000 to 400,000
Komatsu 200-6-7-8: 160,000-50 million
Komatsu 130-6-7-8: 220,000-380,000
Komatsu 120-6-7-8: 170,000-35 million

Komatsu's miniature second-hand excavators have many models. When buying, you must be optimistic about the model and the corresponding price. China Machinery can assure you that our used Komatsu second-hand excavators are the prices calculated and evaluated by the machine. The price must be certain. It matches the machine.