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Komatsu Mini Used Excavator

Release Time: 2020-01-13


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Komatsu Mini  Used Excavator

On construction sites, we often see not only large excavators but also mini excavators (small excavators). Komatsu is a world-renowned manufacturer of excavators. It can provide models that meet various construction needs. Small excavators are also one of their sales products. China machinery trading CO.,LTD is a well-known second-hand excavator sales company in China , Komatsu small second-hand excavators that can provide preferential prices.

Komatsu mini excavators are marketed around the world in several models with operating weights ranging from 5 to 13 tons. The increasingly popular ultra-small tail turning radius model has a shortened cockpit back that does not hang over the tracks. This prevents damage caused by contact with obstacles at the construction site, so it can reduce the stress of driving worrying about accidents. This is why many small construction sites use Komatsu ultra-small tail radius turning excavators.

To work in such a small space, the excavator must also be safe. Komatsu mini excavators are equipped with various safety equipment, such as TOPS (anti-fall protection structure) and FOPS (fall-proof structure). To avoid the danger of urban construction, our machines are in compliance with ISO safety standards.

China machinery trading CO.,LTD has a quality guarantee for the Komatsu mini excavator it sells, not only for the quality of the machine itself, but also for the safety of the operator. The company sells Komatsu PC35MR models, Komatsu PC60-7 models, and Komatsu PC55MR models. The PC35MR model also has blades and weighs only 3 tons.

Komatsu PC35MR Used Excavator

Komatsu PC35MR Used Excavator

Komatsu PC60-7 Used Excavator

Komatsu PC60-7 Used Excavator

Komatsu PC55MR Used Excavator

Komatsu PC55MR Used Excavator

Buying a second-hand excavator from China machinery trading CO.,LTD, we will deliver the product to you within 5-8 weeks after you place the order, and we will provide you with detailed instructions and spot inspections to protect the interests of customers to the greatest extent .

For specific price details, please consult our online customer service.

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