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Komatsu excavator series model introduction

Release Time: 2020-10-12


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Komatsu excavator series model introduction

The engine, hydraulic device, height control engine and electrical parts of the hydraulic device and main components of the Komatsu series excavators are all developed and produced by Komatsu. 

On April 16-21, 2012, the HB215LC-1 second-generation hybrid excavator was launched at the INTERMAT 2012 exhibition in Paris, France. 

This excavator is the only hybrid product with the largest tonnage in the world, and it is the same type of product. A typical representative of "green environmental protection" excavators, this hybrid excavator meets the sustainable development needs of the European market. 

HB215LC-1 has greater power, and the rated power, digging force and climbing force have been improved. The model provides E0 , E1, E2, E3 four power output options.

The main models of mini excavators are: PC18/PC20

Product performance:

Ingenious design, pursuit of ultimate value

With a variable gauge chassis, the machine's passing width is only 990 mm.

The fully open platform structure makes maintenance work convenient and quick.

The standard configuration of Kangzhas system, fully experience the convenience and peace of mind of informatization.

It adopts Komatsu's perfect hydraulic system "Pressure Compensation Type Closed Central Load Sensing System (CLSS)" and control technology to make operation easy.

Powerful and sensitive, to ensure your efficient operation.

The main models of small excavators are: PC55MR/PC56/PC60-7/PC60-8/PC70-8/PC78US/PC110-7/PC110-8MO/PC120-6/PC120-8/PC128US/PC130-8MO/PC138US

The main models of medium-sized excavators are: PC160-7/PC160-8/PC200-7/PC200-8/PC200-8MO/PC200-8N1/PC210-8/PC210-8MO/PC220-7/PC220-8/PC220- 8MO/PC240-8/PC240-8MO/PC270-7/PC270-8

The main models of large excavators are: PC300-7/PC300-8MO/PC350-7/PC350-8/PC360-7/PC360-8/PC400-7/PC400-8/PC450-7/PC450-8/PC650/ PC850-8/PC700-8/PC850-8/PC1250-8/PC2000-8/PC3000-6