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Komatsu launches new 50-ton PC500LC-10M0 excavator

Release Time: 2019-12-19


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Komatsu launches new 50-ton PC500LC-10M0 excavator

At the BICES 2019 Beijing Construction Machinery Exhibition, Komatsu grandly released a new product, the PC500LC-10M0 large-tonnage excavator.

komatsu PC500LC-10M0

High fuel efficiency

The new product Komatsu PC500LC-10M0 is a new addition to the Komatsu 10M0 family. 50t working mass and 2.5m3 (SE specification 3.0m3) extra large bucket,
Compared with the old model of the same tonnage, the Komatsu PC500LC-10M0 has a 20% increase in fuel efficiency and a 15% increase in production efficiency when installed in P mode at 90 °.
Under actual operating conditions, it is 10% lower than the market average fuel consumption, and fuel consumption is significantly reduced.

Optimize the working performance of the whole machine

Komatsu PC500LC-10M0 is equipped with a new reinforced boom & stick, and a new reinforced large frame chassis, which can match large capacity buckets from 2.5m3 to 3.0m3, which significantly improves work performance and overall machine stability.

The durability of the fuel injector is improved to improve the reliability of the engine. Komatsu PC500LC-10M0 can be equipped with a crusher and a hydraulic shear. According to the needs, an appropriate working mode can be selected in the monitoring panel.

And adjust the hydraulic oil flow to quickly adapt to various modes.

Comfortable and intelligent cab

In order to improve the cabin comfort of large-tonnage equipment, the Komatsu PC500LC-10M0 is equipped with A / C automatic adjustment air conditioning, and the driver can easily and accurately set the cabin temperature using the instrument on the large LCD.

At the same time, the humanized dual control function can adjust the temperature of the operator's head and feet separately, and this improved airflow function can keep the interior of the cab comfortable all year round.

Low-noise cab is used, and the noise at the driver's ear during normal construction is 67dB. In order to prevent frost and fog on the front glass from affecting the sight during winter construction, Komatsu PC500LC-10M0 is also thoughtfully equipped with a defrost function.

Keep the front glass clear and transparent, allowing the driver to focus on the operation.