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Komatsu PC390LC-8M0, not afraid of mining difficulties

Release Time: 2020-03-31


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Komatsu PC390LC-8M0, not afraid of mining difficulties
Mine resources are a treasure of nature and an important material basis for human survival and development. However, mining, complex industrial and mining, and harsh environment are extremely challenging.
Not all mining excavators can completely solve the mining problem, and Komatsu mining excavators have become the first choice of mining excavators.

Today, China Machinery introduced a Komatsu mine excavator, PC390LC-8M0, to see his performance and how to use mine mining.

Three original Japanese parts make the best excavator in the mine
1, Japan original SAA6D114E-3 high power engine,
2, Japan's original high-efficiency variable main pump
3, Japan original night control main valve

These three core components have created the excellent performance of Komatsu PC390LC-8M0, making mining possible.

Secondly, it is also equipped with the most difficult problem to solve in mining, durable and reliable. Komatsu PC390LC-8M0 excavator has 5 advantages
1, 6.5 meters reinforced boom
2, 2.8 meters reinforced stick,
3, 1.9 cubic meters of efficient rock bucket
4, spontaneous exhaust air, pre-filter,
5. High-precision slewing system
With the blessing of these 5 core technologies, Komatsu PC390LC-8M0 excavator has become the best choice for mining excavators.

Third, the mining excavator needs the equipment to continue to work stably, and the excavator is required to be stable and to have less trouble at work.

The 40-ton reinforced chassis, turntable, guide wheels, thickened track pads, upgraded and improved motors, and widened sprocket wheels are all prepared for the harsh environment of the mine.

Komatsu PC390LC-8M0 excavator, after a comprehensive upgrade and fuel consumption performance, will become a new generation of excavators specially designed for mining operations. If you are interested, contact us to choose and advise you.

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