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Contest between Komatsu PC360-7 and Hitachi ZX360H-3

Release Time: 2020-04-13


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Contest between Komatsu PC360-7 and Hitachi ZX360H-3

Friends who have opened excavators in the mine are naturally familiar with the two cars Komatsu PC360-7 and Hitachi ZX360H-3. From 05 to 11 years, these two cars are all over the world. Figure. As long as there is a mine, Komatsu PC360-7 and Hitachi ZX360H-3 must be together.

The same Japanese excavator, the same 360 model, the same bucket capacity, basically the same tonnage, is the difference really only a brand? of course not!

Let ’s start with Komatsu. Komatsu PC360-7 has a total weight of 33 tons, a bucket capacity of 1.6m3, a closed large pump, and uses a Cummins engine.

Let ’s talk about Hitachi again. Hitachi ZX360H-3 has a total weight of 34 tons, a bucket capacity of 1.6m3, a semi-open large pump, and uses an Isuzu engine.

Efficiency is money, and natural with high efficiency is the king. Who is better than Hitachi and Komatsu?

To give you an example, in the Wuhai coal mine, the army of excavators scrambling on the pit tunnel rushed down to occupy favorable terrain. That scene is really magnificent.

Although Komatsu and Hitachi are divided into tortoise and hare gears, Komatsu has 3 speeds, so it is generally Komatsu rushing to the front. Hitachi only has 2 speeds after all, so it is almost inevitable to lag behind machine.

After 10 minutes, everyone was on their own, and the real battle started. The same is a 1.6m3 bucket. Komatsu needs to be able to fill a dump truck of about 25m3 under 11-16, while Hitachi only needs 11-14 times. After a night of fierce battle, Komatsu was defeated with 114 vehicles. Hitachi 122 cars. In the face of efficiency, Komatsu lost to Hitachi.
With the madness of the night, the construction site in the morning is also busy. The fuel trucks are fueling the excavators one by one according to the distance. Komatsu is in front of Hitachi. Komatsu added 240L and Hitachi added 270. The fuel consumption is obvious. Although Hitachi is efficient High, but fuel consumption is also high.

Both Komatsu and Hitachi excavators are classic. Komatsu PC360-7 survived with low fuel consumption and high efficiency, while the high efficiency and easy operation of Hitachi ZX360H are really unparalleled.

They are all excavators suitable for mining. More than ten years later, Komatsu PC360-7 and Hitachi ZX360H-3 still have a promising market in second-hand equipment. China Machinery Trade provides you, please consult the purchase page.

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