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Is the smaller the used excavator cheaper?

Release Time: 2020-09-19


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Is the smaller the used excavator cheaper?
Used excavator is currently an indispensable tool for construction projects, and it is also a common type of construction machinery.

But at present, many people still don't know the essence of the real excavator. Even if many people don't understand the giant excavator, the word "expensive" will only appear in their minds.

Are used excavators bigger and more expensive? Or is it that the smaller the second-hand excavator, the cheaper it is?

In fact, if you think in your mind that the smaller the used excavator, the cheaper it is, and the large excavator is more expensive than the small excavator.

That proves that you are a novice, or that you don't know much about excavators. In fact, as long as we have an understanding of excavator brands and excavator parts, we would not think so.

So, is it true that the smaller the used excavator, the cheaper it is?

Now the editor of China Machinery is very clear to tell everyone that second-hand excavators are not cheaper than smaller ones.
The following editor will lead you to analyze the reasons.

1. Is the excavator imported?

Because the price of a new imported small excavator will be higher than that of domestically produced large excavators. So second-hand is still the case.

2. The brand of excavator

Of course, this is only for the new machine. Because used cars have to consider the color of the car to make comparisons.

The world-class brand of small excavators have their own advantages, so the price of new machines has always been high.

So as a second-hand excavator, it depends on which excavator he compares with.

What is said here may be a bit abstract, let's take an example to illustrate.

Just cite the brands that everyone knows. At present, the market price of Hitachi ZX60 second-hand excavator, a better small excavator sold in second-hand excavators, is around 200,000.

Because of its excellent performance and fuel economy advantages, it is worth the price. It is a small excavator of about 6 tons.

Let's talk about a big one. The second-hand Daewoo 220-5 excavator is currently selling well, and its price is basically around 100,000, generally not more than 120,000.

But it is actually a large excavator of about 20 tons.

Therefore, we can conclude that second-hand excavators are not smaller and cheaper. But compare the excavator of the same brand with the excavator of the same vehicle condition. It's still smaller and cheaper.

In the end, we can only talk about the price of used excavators based on the market.

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