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How to increase the service life of excavator bucket teeth?

Release Time: 2020-06-29


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How to increase the service life of excavator bucket teeth?

The performance of the excavator also depends on the bucket. The bucket is one of the main components of the working device of the excavator. During the excavation operation, the working conditions of the bucket teeth are very bad because of the ore, rock or soil. . .In the excavation operation, the bucket teeth must not only be subject to sliding wear but also bear a certain impact load, which greatly shortens the service life of the bucket teeth. The damage of bucket teeth will not only cause material waste and economic loss, but also directly affect the production schedule. So why is there a serious problem of tooth wear? How to solve it? How to increase the service life of excavator bucket teeth?

Selection of welding materials:

In order to improve the wear resistance of the tooth surface, it is very necessary to choose a reasonable welding material during surfacing. The selection principle of high-manganese steel substrate surface surfacing welding material is that, as long as it can withstand the material impact and can withstand a large impact load during use, choose a pile with high hardness and good wear resistance as much as possible. Welding alloy materials.

For example, the austenitic manganese steel surfacing alloy material should be used for the surfacing of the bucket teeth used in the working place where the collision is very strong.

Daily maintenance of excavator bucket teeth:

During the working process of the excavator, the teeth on both sides generally wear about 30% faster than the teeth in the middle of the bucket. When the teeth on both sides are much shorter than the teeth in the middle, the teeth on both sides and the middle can be used. Continue to use the interchanged position, which can reduce the number of repairs and indirectly increase the service life of the teeth. Before the wear of the bucket teeth reaches the limit of use, surfacing welding should be repaired in time.

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