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What should do if the excavator oil gets into the water?

Release Time: 2020-08-04


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What should do if the excavator oil gets into the water?

When the oil of a small excavator enters water, if it is not treated immediately, it will cause serious consequences. 

Its engine crankshaft, connecting rod and other important parts will be severely deformed, which will cause the engine to shake, and even cause the engine to be scrapped. 

So how do we judge the oil in the water? How to find the cause of water ingress in engine oil? Here is a brief introduction.

1. The engine is blocked by water. When the water enters the engine, it will become scale. Over time, due to the rot of scale, the water will be damaged, and the cooling water will enter the water tank from the waterway. These are our most common reasons. , So check the water stall frequently.

2. the oil radiator is damaged. If the radiator tube is damaged, the water outside the radiator will penetrate into the oil, and then the oil will enter the water.

3. Cylinder liner cracks. When the cooling water is in contact with the working sleeve, cracks are easy to occur. 

Once the cracks occur, the cooling water will directly enter the cylinder and enter the bottom shell through the cylinder wall, so that the oil will turn white and then It affects the engine's poor combustion and white smoke, but in general, the cylinder liner is not easy to be broken, but in winter the cooling water is not filled with antifreeze and icing occurs, which is the cause of the crack in the cylinder liner .

4. the cylinder steel ring is damaged. When the cylinder steel ring is damaged, the water circulation speed will be very fast, the water in the water channel will also flow into the oil circuit, and then the oil will enter the water. The basic cause afterwards.

5. the damage of the cylinder liner seal is one of the first causes of oil intake after the cylinder seal is damaged, so we must check whether the cylinder seal remains intact when troubleshooting.

After excluding the above reasons, there is still the problem of oil ingress. I think you should go to China Machinery to buy an excavator again.