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How to accurately choose and buy used excavators

Release Time: 2020-10-20


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How to accurately choose and buy used excavators
As long as construction starts, excavators are indispensable. According to the editor, I understand that new machines are not necessarily the first choice from a budget point of view, and the quality of used excavators may be more cost-effective.

Based on the knowledge I have learned, I hope to give some reference to friends who need enough to buy used excavators!

How to choose a satisfactory model

Experienced digging friends generally choose to be familiar with excavator brands. For example, the current mainstream brands include Komatsu, Sany, Hitachi, Carter, Kobelco, Sumitomo, Volvo, Doosan, etc., and choose the excavator models they have opened. Good understanding of the performance of the machine and the original car parts. When the excavator has a problem, it is very convenient to repair

How to choose a car if you are an inexperienced digger? The editor believes that we should first focus on brands, and we can consider mainstream foreign brands and several well-known brands. 

The other thing is to look at the most used excavator models in the connected engineering projects, so that the user's acceptance is high, and the later maintenance and maintenance are more convenient.

The editor roughly summarizes two points:

One: Look at the local excavator brands. If a brand is used locally, it means that the quality is reliable and the user recognizes this brand and model of excavator

Two: Look at whether there are advantages in later maintenance. If the accessories of this brand model are easy to purchase and repair, it will reduce the later cost and increase revenue. 

If you are buying a brand that is rarely used locally, you can imagine that the accessories are not very easy to buy, and the maintenance personnel are also very familiar, which will naturally increase the maintenance cost.

How to identify used excavators

At present, the domestic second-hand excavator market is not well regulated. The valuation and after-sales system of second-hand excavators are not perfect, and it is easy to suffer losses without certain selection experience and methods. 

Therefore, before selecting second-hand equipment, certain identification methods and techniques must be mastered to avoid buying modified machines.

Check the appearance of the bucket and boom

Due to the high frequency of use of the bucket and boom, the failure rate is also high. When buying a second-hand excavator, please follow the principle of "watch more, listen more, and try more". 

First look at the bucket, whether there is abrasion, welding marks, and then check whether the connecting parts of the equipment are excessively worn, loose and shaken. 

Just listen: listen to whether the equipment has abnormal noises and noises during the start of the excavator Finally, it is the most important point to test the car: the idle speed limit action holds the car, the big and small arms are raised to the highest, and the bucket receives the lowest. 

Hold the car once at idling speed and once at high throttle. Cooperate with holding the car and observe the engine rotation and the color of engine exhaust.

Check the leakage of the excavator

The oil leakage inspection of the excavator is mainly to check the hydraulic cylinder and pipeline. Some second-hand excavator sellers will clean up the oil spill before selling the equipment. 

If you don't look carefully, you may not be able to check it out. Oil leakage can cause dust and ingress. Contaminate the hydraulic circuit. 

In addition, check whether the hydraulic cylinder is scratched or dented. These defects are likely to cause the cylinder to wear and produce a lot of debris, thereby contaminating the hydraulic oil circuit.

Open the engine cover to check

The engine must be opened for inspection to determine whether the engine compartment is clean and tidy. If it is found that the oil is heavy and dark, it indicates that the engine is severely worn. 

If it is too clean, it may be that the seller has concealed the engine. Must pay attention to this situation.

How to accurately choose and buy second-hand excavators

Load test

I learned that many diggers have ignored this issue. They think that a simple empty car test is enough. They did not consider weight testing. 

In fact, the excavator is operating on an empty vehicle. It feels that the action is very fast, and the fuel consumption and water temperature can't rise. 

However, after the actual work on the construction site, there may be problems such as slow motion, sluggishness of the car, and high temperature of the engine, so if conditions permit, be sure to test the car with a heavy load and try to dig the soil for a while.

So the editor has said so much, how much do you know about buying second-hand excavators? In fact, there are many techniques for identifying second-hand excavators. 

If you don’t know which platform to buy second-hand excavators, China Machinery is also a second-hand excavator sales platform to consider.