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How to choose a used excavator?

Release Time: 2019-05-28

Source: China Machinery Trading Co., Ltd.

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How to choose a used excavator?

One of the most important machines on construction sites has an excavator dating back to the 19th century, which means that excavators have been around for more than 130 years. The main use of excavators is to dig or dig soil, building materials, construction waste, etc.

High-performance excavators cost a lot of money, which can severely limit your budget. Therefore, for those projects that do not have enough funds, choosing some used excavators may be a wise and wise decision.

Since there are too many factors that can affect the performance of an excavator, we should carefully understand some key parameters. Here are some introductions to excavators that may help to better understand excavators.

Depending on how the excavator moves, we can see crawler excavators and wheel excavators in practice. Obviously, roller excavators are more likely to be used in cities, while caterpillar excavators can exert their power in the wild.

By comparing the buckets of the excavator, we can also find two main types of excavators, namely face excavators and backhoe excavators. When digging something higher than an excavator, you must use a backhoe excavator. Otherwise, the surface shovel excavator will be your best choice, and this is also the most common excavator you can see in the city.

Bucket capacity and operating weight are two important parameters you must have. The parameters can directly tell you the "power" of the excavator. Larger capacity means that the excavator can dig more material at a time, which definitely improves work efficiency. However, greater capacity also requires sufficient operating weight. The working weight indicates the weight that the machine can bear. Forcing the machine to dig overweight items may increase the life of the machine.

China Machinery is the agent of Carter used excavators, Volvo used excavators, Doosan used excavators, Hitachi used excavators. Based on the introduction above, you may already have some practical knowledge of choosing an excavator. I believe that by choosing the right used excavator, you can meet your needs!

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