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How does Hitachi ZX200-5 excavator achieve an average fuel consumption of 13.7L/h?

Release Time: 2020-09-15


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How does Hitachi ZX200-5 excavator achieve an average fuel consumption of 13.7L/h?

As a 20-ton excavator, used Hitachi ZX200-5A has been sought after by users once it went on the market, and its efficient and fuel-saving performance has not disappointed users. How is the average fuel consumption of 13.7L/h achieved?

Hitachi ZX200-5A

The professional engineers of China Machinery today will reveal the 5 aspects of Hitachi ZX200-5A's low fuel consumption.

1. Engine

The engine is the source of power and the heart of the excavator. Why is Hitachi so fuel-efficient? First of all, its heart is very powerful. Hitachi ZX200-5A is equipped with imported Isuzu GI-4HK1XKSA-02 turbocharged engine with a rated power of 113kW.

This engine uses a high-pressure common rail electronically controlled fuel injection system and a cold EGR system to meet the National III emission standards.

The high-pressure common rail electronic fuel injection technology uses electronic control to accurately control the injection time and injection volume, so that the fuel is fully burned, greatly improving fuel efficiency, reducing fuel consumption, and reducing black smoke and other exhaust gas emissions.

EGR technology mixes part of the exhaust gas from the first combustion with the intake air and then burns it again. While ensuring high power, the fuel efficiency is higher and the air pollution emissions are less.

2. Hydraulic system

The powerful power alone cannot be called a perfect machine. The unique three pumps of Hitachi HIOSⅢ hydraulic system are combined in parallel, which can do three actions at the same time, such as digging, rotating and walking. 

Each pump provides an action with better coordination. The hydraulic system and power system achieve a perfect combination, resulting in faster working speed, smoother compound operation and higher working efficiency.

Hitachi’s third-generation artificial intelligence operating system has developed the "Excavation Speed Increase System" and "Boom Regeneration System" on the basis of the original hydraulic system. With the blessing of these two patented technologies, you can easily control whether it is loading operations or excavation operations.

In addition, Hitachi ZX200-5A also has an accessory support system, which allows valve switching and flow setting through a multi-function monitor to improve the performance of accessories. 

In addition, the display can also display the working time of the breaker, which is convenient for the operator to adjust the hydraulic oil and hydraulic oil filter replacement time according to the working time to ensure the long-term efficient operation of the machine.

3. Comfortable driving environment

Through improved design, Hitachi ZX200-5A enlarges the space of the cab, and a sufficient number of air-conditioning vents can make the air circulate evenly in the cab. The pressurized cab effectively prevents the entry of dust particles and improves driving comfort.

The standard air suspension seat improves the comfort of the operator at work. The seat is equipped with headrest and armrests, and can be adjusted by sliding and tilting in a variety of ways to suit the needs of the operator and reduce bumps during construction The fatigue caused.

Various control switches and buttons are centrally arranged on the right side of the armrest, which makes the operation easier and improves the efficiency of the operator.

The cab is equipped with a new multifunctional monitoring system, which consists of a 7-inch high-resolution color display and a multifunctional controller. 

Menu items can be selected through the multi-function controller on the control panel. The color LCD panel is clearly visible even during the day. 

Press the "0" key on the touchpad to switch the screen brightness between day mode and night mode.

4. Strong iron arm

In order to create a strong and durable orange iron arm, Hitachi ZX200-5A has made many improvements.

The ZX200-5A adopts the patented design of adding Hitachi HN bushings to the pin holes in the part where the boom and the stick are connected, and the part where the boom and the upper platform are connected. It is enough to replace the bushings. According to the calculation that needs to be repaired twice in the whole life cycle, only one design can save nearly 10,000 yuan in later maintenance costs.

5. Convenient maintenance

ZX200-5A aims to save customers' time and operating costs, rationally lay out daily maintenance parts, and use electronic information management to make maintenance work more time-saving, labor-saving and worry-free.

With the five magic weapons, Hitachi ZX200-5A excavator helps customers play earthwork construction with ultra-low fuel consumption and ultra-high efficiency. 

The powerful and durable orange iron arm ensures that users can obtain higher profits at lower operating costs throughout their life cycle. Sometimes choice is more important than hard work! 

Hitachi ZX200-5A is your right choice!