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Are you excited about the low fuel consumption and durable Hitachi ZX200-5A excavator?

Release Time: 2020-07-28


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Are you excited about the low fuel consumption and durable Hitachi ZX200-5A excavator?

Hitachi ZX200-5A excavator

Work quality: 20900Kg
Engine power: 113Kw
Bucket capacity: 0.91m³
Maximum digging force: 158KN

Maximum digging radius: 9920mm

Hitachi ZX200-5A excavator

Product description

✧ Engine

Hitachi ZX200-5A uses the Isuzu 4HK1X series engine. This engine is in-line four-stroke, water-cooled, electronically controlled direct injection, and the air intake is turbocharged and inter-cooled. 

The structure is characterized by light weight and compact structure. , Superior performance, very reliable and durable.

Isuzu 4HK1X series engine

(Isuzu 4HK1X engine)

The expansion water tank located above the engine can continuously supply water and exhaust gas to the water tank, EGR radiator pipe and cylinder head, which improves the cooling system of the engine and effectively avoids the phenomenon of poor heat dissipation and engine overheating when the gas is stored.

The fuel supply system increases the fuel supply of the electric fuel pump, and adds a fuel temperature saving function. After low-temperature start, the fuel return from the injector will directly refuel through the filter without cooling, which increases the fuel supply temperature and ensures Combustion effect reduces the number of fuel injections during work and optimizes fuel injection pressure control.

This engine is also equipped with an exhaust gas recirculation system (EGR), which mixes the engine's exhaust gas with air through the EGR valve and enters the cylinder to participate in combustion, thereby reducing NOx (nitrogen oxide) emissions and improving combustion efficiency. The third stage emission standards for machinery.

✧ Hydraulic system

Hitachi ZX200-5A adopts the unique HIOS III hydraulic system to cooperate with the high pressure common rail electronic injection system to improve the performance and speed; the unique "digging speed increasing system" and "boom regeneration system" can be used to separate the stick The retraction speed is increased, making the compound action faster and smoother, with less fuel consumption.


Hitachi ZX200-5A increases the space of the cab through improved design. The large area of glass used on the front window and both sides provides the driver with a good view. 

The surrounding air-conditioning design can keep the air in the cab. Circulate evenly. 

The standard air suspension seat has an excellent damping effect and improves the comfort of the driver at work. 

The seat is equipped with headrest and armrests, and can be adjusted by sliding and tilting in various ways to suit the operator Demand.

As a mainstream model in the domestic market such as a crawler excavator of about 20 tons, Hitachi ZX200-5A has a larger digging force and a digging radius, and a strong working ability, especially the advantages of this machine with low fuel consumption and durability. Let the heartbeat index of digging friends rise straight!