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Hitachi ZH200-5A excavator with low fuel consumption

Release Time: 2020-06-11


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Hitachi ZH200-5A excavator with  low fuel consumption

Hitachi Group has launched a new hybrid excavator— Hitachi ZH200-5A excavator.

Hitachi ZH200-5A excavator      

Performance characteristics of Hitachi ZH200-5A excavator:

✦ It through the integration of the hybrid power system and the energy-saving 3-pump 3-valve hydraulic system, it achieves lower fuel consumption and lower emissions.

✦ Hitachi ZH200-5A excavator inherits the excellent frequency conversion AC technology and manufacturing technology of Hitachi traditional excavator, creating a more reliable and durable hybrid excavator for customers.

Basic parameters of Hitachi ZH200-5A excavator:

Engine rated power (ISO9249, net)


Work quality (kg)


Backhoe bucket capacity (m3)


Bucket maximum digging force ISO (KN)


Maximum excavation radius (mm)


The Hitachi ZH200-5A excavator's lower fuel consumption and lower emissions are its biggest highlights, and the fuselage is more reliable and durable, which is your best choice.