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German CA30D static pressure roller for sale online

Release Time: 2021-01-21


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German CA30D static pressure roller for sale online
Static rollers are suitable for mining environments with the gravity of the machine itself. Various compaction operations cause permanent deformation and compaction of the rolled layer.

China Machine sells German CA30D roller parameters:
Origin: Germany
Model: CA30D Road Roller
Power: 92KW
Driving speed: 0-4km/h
Static linear pressure: 40-70KN
Size (length * width * height) 2500 * 1200 * 17500mm
sell German CA30D static pressure roller online

Payment and shipping terms

Minimum order quantity: 1 set
Packaging details: roll-on-roll, bulk cargo, etc.
Delivery time: 5-8 working days after order confirmation
Payment methods: letter of credit, wire transfer, Western Union, MoneyGram

If you have any requirements for the German CA30D static pressure roller, please contact us.