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Is South Korea's Doosan Worth Buying?

Release Time: 2020-01-13


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Is South Korea's Doosan Worth Buying?

In the excavator industry, many people know Carter in the United States, Komatsu in Japan, and Doosan in South Korea. The Carter 320Dis the world's most sold excavator. It can be seen how functional it is. Japan's Komatsu is also the main force of major construction sites, and it is also supported and loved by consumers.

So, is South Korea's Doosan worth buying?

Doosan Group is a Korean group company, headquartered in Seoul, a global company with a worldwide reputation. The company was founded in 1896 and has a history of 109 years. It is one of the earliest modern companies in Korea. Doosan Group owns more than 20 subsidiaries including Doosan Infracore, Doosan Heavy Industries, Doosan Engines, Doosan Industrial Development, and operates in 38 countries.

There are two major product series in the excavator produced by Doosan in South Korea: DH series and DX series. Among them, Doosan DH215-7 is the most representative medium-sized excavator. It has economical cutting-edge technology for efficient work performance, improved reliability through more advanced design and repeated verification, and has a wider driving space and a more convenient and comfortable cab.

Doosan DH215-7 Used Excavator

Doosan DH215-7 Used Excavator

User experience provided by China machinery trading CO.,LTD:

1. Not expensive, average fuel consumption, average speed, cheap accessories

2. First-class maintenance service, fast loading speed

3. Intelligent operating system, scientific and comfortable operating environment, PC monitoring system, greatly improved stability, and strong mining ability.

4. More powerful driving force, compact rotary motor, high-efficiency hydraulic pump, and aluminum radiator greatly improve the quality and durability of cooling. The material of the hose is greatly improved by the change of the hydraulic hose material. Oil problem

It can be seen from the above usage that Korean Doosan excavators are worth buying. China machinery trading CO.,LTD is willing to provide consumers with good quality second-hand Doosan DH215-7 excavators at preferential prices, and deliver them to consumers in the shortest time after the order is placed, saving consumers time and cost.

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