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Doosan Used Construction Machinery Dealer——China Machinery

Release Time: 2021-03-04


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Doosan Used Construction Machinery Dealer——China Machinery
Many companies such as Doosan have established a reputation for providing reliable and affordable high-quality construction equipment. Many contractors consider Doosan to be the best choice for their second-hand excavator needs. The company produces four-wheel drive and crawler loaders, which are popular with contractors and are known for their reliability and durability. In order to find the Doosan excavator that best suits your needs, you can search for Chinese mechanical excavator dealers and contact them.
Doosan Used Construction Machinery
As we all know, the heavy construction equipment produced by Doosan has multiple functions, such as crawler loading. Doosan provides four-wheel drive and crawler loading for all types of excavation projects, including residential areas, industrial areas, mines and construction sites. The hydraulic system of Doosan excavators has four levels of control, each with variable speed. The system also allows "intelligent control" using a remote control.

Doosan’s “steel bridge” construction vehicles are part of Doosan’s second-hand excavators. The model is designed for architectural purposes. This is a mobile unit, usually called a dump truck or crawler loader. 

It uses a high-torque electric engine and track design, which can transport heavy objects and machinery. Doosan’s “steel bridge” can weigh up to 3 tons and is equipped with a hydraulic winch for lifting.

Doosan RV-8 crawler loader is a practical excavator that can carry out digging operations in small and medium-sized locations. It has an aluminum frame and hydrostatic transmission for drive and rear wheels. 

The front end has hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic rails, so that the machine can easily move on uneven ground and in tunnels. Doosan also offers self-propelled excavators, which makes it ideal for operations that require longer distances. With a maximum capacity of 8 cubic meters, Doosan RV-8 is one of the most popular excavators among professional excavators.

Another model in the Doosan excavator series is Doosan AHV-1. Doosan AHV-1 is a multifunctional construction vehicle, very suitable for shallow excavation operations, and has a powerful waterjet function. 

It is also equipped with a powerful gearbox. Doosan AHV-1 is one of the most popular excavators in the industry and is widely used in fields such as land development, mining, archaeology, agriculture, road construction and infrastructure construction. Doosan also produces the Doosan CHAS series of excavators, which have a maximum capacity of 4 tons and can be used in a variety of applications.

If you need to buy second-hand Doosan excavators, China Machinery deserves your trust. We can guarantee the quality of our second-hand construction machinery for you and provide you with the most competitive price, because we have professional staff that can be purchased from China Find the cheapest and best machinery everywhere.