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Three Doosan 9C Series Mini Excavators

Release Time: 2020-02-06


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Three Doosan 9C Series Mini Excavators
The infrastructure continues to improve and increase, and the mini excavator industry has become particularly important in building construction. Doosan's 9C series has been constantly updated with features and product upgrades. The three 9C series mini excavators we recommend today are definitely worth considering.

Doosan DX60E-9C Excavator

Doosan DX60E-9C is equipped with a large bucket capacity of 0.21m³, and is equipped with a "high-precision hydraulic" system to ensure long-term stable output efficiency. It is equipped with high-efficiency power and hydraulic systems and new automatic speed-up functions to achieve optimal fuel economy. Doosan DX60E-9C excavator has upgraded operation panel and wide operating cab. I believe that operators who like him will be pleasantly surprised.

Doosan DX60E-9C Excavator

DX65-9C PLUS  Excavator

The biggest outstanding feature of DX65-9C PLUS is that it is equipped with a large-displacement engine, which can simultaneously meet high-efficiency work and energy saving and low fuel consumption. Isn't this the ideal state of each excavator? In addition, the DX65-9C PLUS excavator is more considerate considering the weather and the environment. State, for the cold and low temperature conditions can automatically turn on the fuel heating function, even more excavator operators love him? Not to mention the cab, the use of anti-vibration suspension seats to reduce driver fatigue and comfort, this is definitely a piece of equipment worth buying.

DX65-9C PLUS  Excavator

Doosan DX75-9C Excavator

Doosan DX75-9C is a code name for an all-round excavator. The engine quality is excellent. The cab is a suspension seat like DX65-9C, which brings benefits to the driver's operating time and work efficiency. The combination of price and performance is a cost-effective excavator.

Each of the three Doosan 9C series mini excavators recommended to you today is unforgettable. Friends who like it are welcome to contact us online. If you are still hesitant to purchase one, please email us!