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The Design Outsourcing Service Of Small Used Excavator

Release Time: 2019-05-28

Source: China Machinery Trading Co., Ltd.

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The Design Outsourcing Service Of Small Used Excavator

  There are various classifications of small used excavator design outsourcing services. The application development with mature design experience or have feasible new technology. To design new small used excavator, which mainly includes the functions design and mechanism design. Upgrade design is according to the experience of the use of existing small used excavator design and technology development updates. 

      In order to improve performance, reduce manufacturing cost or reduce the operation cost. In order to meet the new needs of existing small used excavator as a part of the add and remove, modify or to develop a different from the standard products of derivative design. Seriation design is a kind of small excavator as female parent, design a series of similar to the function of the same shape. But the power, tonnage, a series of products size of the used excavator is different.

  The development process of used excavator plays important roles. Firstly, it is the making demand analysis. According to the factors such as functionality, performance, working environment and so on. So as to establish detailed urs with the customers, then detemine the developing goal.

  Secondly, it is the preliminary design. According to the demand analysis to scheme the plan with using used excavator. It is including the function and parameter setting, basic calculation, draw up the preliminary three-dimensional always work and so on. And then conduct a preliminary review with customer.

  Thirdly, it is the design in detail. You should listen to the preliminary examination opinion and the implementation of the scheme design of using the small used excavator. Modify the detailed 3d model of general layout, three-dimensional graph drawing parts, the parts of the structure under the finite element analysis and dynamic simulation. And then with the customer for a second review.

  Forthly, it is the final plan to determine and drawing. Listen to the second opinion, modified scheme design of using the used excavator. Draw the floor plan, such as the part drawing, parts assembly drawing and total assembly drawing, painting figure and so on. The parts list, wearing parts list. Making all technical documents, which includs propaganda and technical sample, product instruction for using.

China machinery trading CO.,LTD

China machinery trading CO.,LTD


       Because of the importance of used excavator, it has a good market prospect. Throughout the paper of the big increase in all kinds of support small excavator, the main arguments as belows. National sustainable development, especially the prosperity of real estate, building around the growing demand for the used excavator. Small excavators and large excavators in developed countries, the proportion of the total number of little more than half. Small used excavator relatively with low consumption and flexibility, including convenient transportation which can work in a small area. Also to meet the requirements of rural construction and dig price advantage compared to big. The used excavators will have a big increase in the national policy and the degree of recognition of the Chinese market in 5-10 years.