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Classification of static rollers

Release Time: 2021-01-21


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Classification of static rollers
Rollers can be broadly divided into vibratory rollers (rolling) and static rollers (rolling).

The static roller uses the gravity of the machine itself to perform various compaction operations to cause permanent deformation and compaction of the rolled layer. Static rollers are divided into two types: steel wheel type and tire type.

Steel wheel roller

The roller structure includes smooth roller, groove roller and sheep foot roller. Light rolling is the most common application, mainly used in road vibration rollers. Using mechanical or hydraulic transmission, it can concentrate the force to compact the protruding part, and the compaction is high, and it is suitable for the compaction of asphalt pavement.  
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The main technical parameters of drum rollers are machine weight and line pressure. In the 1980s, the weight range of various steel wheel rollers was about: 2 to 13 tons for two-wheel rollers, 1 to 15 tons for three-wheel rollers, 1 to 3 tons for pressurized weight as required, and 13 to 14 tons for three-axle three-wheel rollers , After pressurized weight, it is 18-19 tons.

Tyre roller

The rollers are pneumatic tires, usually 3 to 5 front wheels and 4 to 6 rear wheels. If the inflation pressure is changed, the ground pressure of the tire roller can be changed, and the pressure adjustment range is 0.11~1.05 MPa. 

Static tire roller

The tire roller adopts hydraulic, hydraulic or mechanical transmission system, single-shaft or full-shaft drive, and three-point support with wide-base tire articulated frame structure. 

The compaction process has the effect of rubbing, so that the particles of the compacted layer are embedded without being damaged, and are uniform and dense. Good maneuverability, fast travel speed (up to 25 km/h), used for compaction of road, airport and other engineering cushions.