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How to Choose a excavator engine?

Release Time: 2019-05-28

Source: China Machinery Trading Co., Ltd.

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How to Choose a excavator engine?

Speaking of the parts of the excavator, the engine is inevitable, because the excavator uses a diesel engine. When choosing a brand excavator, you should choose a diesel generator according to your needs. However, most excavators are concentrated on several branded engines.

excavator engine

Komatsu excavator engine

The Komatsu excavator is equipped with a Cummins engine. The characteristics of Cummins diesel engine: The new Cummins diesel engine with expensive fuel injection parts, the expensive parts; the old Cummins direct injection, the fuel consumption is large, but the maintenance is convenient; the imported models have lower noise and lower fuel consumption ,durable.

Hitachi excavators engine 

Hitachi excavators ZX-1 and -2, Doosan-7, Hitachi -3 use 4HK1 models, EFI Euro III emissions, Isuzu engines are of good quality, relatively cheap, durable, easy to maintain, and easy to maintain.

Kobelco excavator engine 

The characteristics of the Mitsubishi engine used in the Kobelco-6 excavator are fuel saving. The Mitsubishi engine is characterized by high power, low fuel consumption and easy maintenance.

Carter excavators engine 

I have to mention the Carter engine. The Carter series engines are only equipped with the Carter brand, which features oil burning, durability and sufficient horsepower.

Volvo excavators engine 

Volvo is equipped with Deutz engines, German quality, durable, reliable, and there are problems. Only professionals can repair them, and the parts are expensive.

Doosan excavators engine 

German MAN engine, Doosan-9 assembly, good quality, durable and high fuel consumption.

The engines of Komatsu, Doosan, Carter, Volvo, Hitachi used excavators exported by China Machinery used excavators are in these brands. Buying used excavators can learn more about other parts and parameters of the excavator, please email us .

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