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Choose Hitachi EX60-6 or Komatsu PC60-7 for small excavators?

Release Time: 2020-09-10


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Choose Hitachi EX60-6 or Komatsu PC60-7 for small excavators?

There are many brands of excavators, with varying performance and quality. It is not easy to decide which brand to choose. 

Therefore, today, China Machinery brings you two small excavators Hitachi EX60-6 and Komatsu PC60-7 from well-known excavator brands Hitachi and Komatsu for your reference.

Hitachi EX60-6 and Komatsu PC60-7 can be regarded as standard 6-ton digs, and the weight of the whole machine is about 6 tons, but the PC60-7 is slightly heavier. 

In terms of operating capacity, Hitachi EX60-6 has a maximum digging radius of 6.13m, a maximum digging depth of 3.85m, and a bucket digging force of 39kn.

 Hitachi EX60              Komatsu PC60-7

The difference between the cab

Komatsu's cab is larger than Hitachi's, and relatively luxurious. The right side of the cab is the headlights, wiper, operating mode, air conditioning and other adjustment switches, and the left is the radio. The large color display is a highlight of Komatsu excavators, which is high-end and elegant.

In Hitachi’s cab, on the right is the throttle, lights, wiper, air conditioner and other switches, and on the left is the radio. The layout of the cab is reasonable and simple, and the seat feels average. The overall space feels a little smaller than Komatsu.

Engine difference

Komatsu’s engine is a 4D95LE-5 engine developed by Komatsu itself, which is more powerful than Hitachi’s and also consumes more fuel.
Hitachi’s Isuzu engine is relatively weaker than Komatsu’s engine, but it is cheaper to maintain. In terms of durability, it is also known for its durability, fuel efficiency and moderate strength.

Hitachi EX60-6 VS Komatsu PC60-7

In terms of market retention, everyone still likes Hitachi 60-6. Hitachi's fuel consumption is maintained at about 4 liters, and the speed and power of the excavator are moderate. 

The most unacceptable thing is that the site parts are worn out. As for the Komatsu 60-7, the speed is moderate and the strength is strong. The only drawback is the high fuel consumption, which is about 6 liters.

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