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China used excavator supplier—China Machinery

Release Time: 2020-07-21


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China used excavator supplier—China Machinery

There are many types of used excavators in the market, with different brands, different machines, and different performances. There are also many requirements from customers. Therefore, if you want to meet the different needs of different customers at the same time, you need a complete type and trustworthiness. Used excavators supplier, today I will recommend a China used excavator supplier — China Machinery.

 China used excavator supplier—China Machinery

China Machinery is specialized in the business of used excavators and other used construction machinery, such as bulldozers, cranes, loaders, road rollers, forklifts, dump trucks, etc. China Machinery also provides various brands and types of used construction machinery and equipment for customers to choose from.


Currently, the types and brands of equipment sold by China Machinery:

⚑  Excavators: Komatsu, Hitachi, Cat, Sumitomo, Kato, Kobelco, etc.

⚑  Loaders: CAT, KOMATSU, KAWASAK, etc.

⚑  Roller: BMW, Komatsu, DYNAPAC, etc.

⚑  Cranes: crawler cranes, truck cranes, port cranes

⚑  Forklifts: Toyota, Komatsu, etc.


In addition, China Machinery also wholesales construction equipment parts: four wheels and one track-----driving wheels, steering wheels, idlers and riding wheels: and China Machinery has skilled workers who can improve old machines, and customers can always Come to check and accept.


If you are interested in used construction machinery, China Machinery is your good choice.