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Caterpillar excavator performance characteristics

Release Time: 2020-08-24


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Caterpillar excavator performance characteristics

Today we will summarize the performance characteristics of Caterpillar 0.3~4.6 cubic backhoe excavators.

Caterpillar's full range of backhoe excavators includes small, medium and large crawler hydraulic excavators.

It can be equipped with various working tools such as 0.3~4.6 cubic bucket and breaking hammer, hydraulic shears, engineering grab, etc., suitable for various harsh ground conditions, in various emergency rescue and disaster relief, used for excavation, loading or cleaning of earth and stone or after blasting The rocks play a role in road rushing through, danger relief and rescue, and various construction projects.

Caterpillar 320D excavator

Small excavators are suitable as supporting equipment for tunnel or foundation pit excavation, and large excavators can be used for rapid excavation and cleaning of large amounts of earth and stone. 

According to the size of the machine, the degree of convenience for transportation is different, and the required bucket capacity can be calculated according to the size of the rescue work, and it can be placed in different disaster relief sites.


The Caterpillar excavator uses a four-stroke turbocharged diesel engine, which is capable of high-altitude operation without power loss. The engine fuel system adopts the tried-and-tested mechanical governor or high-voltage electronically controlled fuel injection, which has improved durability, reliable quality and a long overhaul period.

Hydraulic system

The excellent hydraulic system uses a variable displacement plunger pump. The hydraulic pump minimizes the extra gap between the gear and the housing and reduces agitation. Negative flow control makes the machine control sensitive and precise, and the hydraulic system increases the hydraulic pressure to increase the lifting force and digging force, thereby improving efficiency and performance.


Rugged and durable, the quality of the whole machine is reliable: the large and small arms adopt the unique tempering heat treatment technology in the industry, and the boom adopts a large box-shaped section design, made of high tensile strength steel, equipped with internal partitions and additional bottoms The protective plate has a long service life and is durable.


Simple maintenance saves time and money. The design and layout fully consider the needs of maintenance technicians. Most repair points can be easily operated from the ground, ensuring that repairs and maintenance tasks are completed quickly and efficiently.

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