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Caterpillar 320D used excavator parameter configuration and price

Release Time: 2020-12-04


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Caterpillar 320D used excavator parameter configuration and price

Carter CAT320D second-hand excavator, manufactured in the United States, shipped in 2011, working 

Parameter configuration of used Caterpillar 320D excavator:

Vehicle weight: 20930KG

Maximum digging height: 9840mm
Maximum unloading height: 6500mm
Maximum digging depth: 6710mm
Maximum vertical digging depth: 6710mm
Maximum digging depth at 8 feet level: 6540mm
Minimum unloading height: 2180mm
Boom length: 5700mm
Stick length: 2900mm
Radius of tail gyration: 2750mm
Minimum ground clearance: 450mm
Ground clearance of counterweight: 1020mm
Departure platform width: 2800mm
Total height of cab: 2950mm
Overall length: 9460mm
Overall width: 2800mm
Overall height: 3050mm
Track shoe width: 600mm
Track length: 4075mm
Track center distance/gauge: 2200mm
Track ground length (wheel spacing): 3265mm
Used Caterpillar 320D excavator
The excellent design and manufacturing technology of Caterpillar excavators ensure excellent durability and longer service life in the most demanding applications.

High-efficiency hydraulic system, excellent and stable performance, outstanding performance under severe working conditions. The spacious cab has a wide view and the operation switches are within easy reach. 

The monitor uses a color graphic display, which is intuitive and easy to use and highly clear. Overall, the new cab provides a comfortable working environment to ensure that operators can achieve the highest productivity and efficiency.

The price of this type of imported second-hand Caterpillar 320D excavator is relatively high, generally more than 600,000. As a professional supplier of second-hand excavators, China Machinery can provide customers with better quality second-hand excavators and suitable prices.