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China Machinery Caterpillar participate in Wuhan hospital construction

Release Time: 2020-02-21


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China Machinery Caterpillar participate in Wuhan hospital construction
At the end of 2019, when all Chinese are preparing for the New Year, a new coronavirus has occurred. The epidemic has always affected everyone's hearts. The outbreak of patients has no residence, and the establishment of temporary hospitals has become an urgent need.

The first line of demand is our actions. Caterpillar, its agents and Caterpillar customers of China Machinery joined hands in fighting the "epidemic" and contributed to the disease.

China Machinery dispatched 5 Caterpillar excavators and staff as soon as possible, arrived in Wuhan, and invested in the construction of the square cabin hospital. The construction of the hospital is urgent, and the journey is day and night. in.

We used Caterpillar excavators to pave the roads, and they only needed one day to complete the road. In this critical situation, the quality of Caterpillar equipment has been affirmed and appreciated, and our customers' professional operation skills and timely support are affirmation of our service.

The Caterpillar excavator's field operation is very efficient. It can deal with emergency situations on the spot through intelligent equipment, get real-time feedback on the spot, and cooperate throughout the construction period. Small, but it has the meaning of love.

As one of Caterpillar's agents, China Machinery is always ready to invest in the construct ion of the epidemic. We are moderately with frontline heroes.
Provide road construction solutions in a timely manner. In this outbreak, China Machinery will continue to contribute.