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What Do You Know About the Carter D6G Bulldozer?

Release Time: 2020-01-13


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What Do You Know About the Carter D6G Bulldozer?

The Caterpillar Company in the United States is a manufacturer of various heavy industrial machinery. Not only are we the excavators we are familiar with everyday, they also produce bulldozers, and they have received customer support and praise in the market. Today, I will introduce to you a Carter D6G bulldozer that is a consumer-loved bulldozer produced by Carter Company.

 Carter D6G second-hand bulldozer

 Carter D6G second-hand bulldozer 

First of all, let's take a look at the Caterpillar D6G crawler bulldozer as a whole. The bulldozer uses the tried and tested Caterpillar parts, plus its convenient maintenance, to ensure that the machine has the harsh conditions and various working environments. Durability and reliability of shipping materials.

Furthermore, let us understand its characteristics and advantages.


The Caterpillar 3306 diesel engine used by the Caterpillar D6G crawler bulldozer uses direct fuel injection technology to control fuel consumption and allow lower engine speeds to operate, thereby reducing stress and extending service life.


The powertrain used by it is Caterpillar's powertrain system to ensure that the D6G crawler bulldozer has good adaptability, best performance and reliability.


The design of the Caterpillar Chassis System guarantees optimal machine balance, excellent performance, and excellent component life.


The console is designed with optimal comfort and maximum productivity in mind.


Work tools and digging tools give the machine the flexibility to perform different tasks for optimal performance.


Finally, choosing to buy a Carter D6G second-hand bulldozer from China machinery trading CO.,LTD will provide consumers with the most convenient maintenance machines and provide customers with world-class after-sales service.

 Carter D6G second-hand bulldozer

 Carter D6G second-hand bulldozer 

We will deliver the goods to you within 5-8 weeks after you place the order, so that your project will not be affected by the delivery time of the item, and the powerful after-sales service system will solve all the after-sales problems for you.


If you want more detailed information or the price of Carter D6G used bulldozer, please contact us!


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