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Cat 336D2 XE Excellent mechanical equipment for fuel economy

Release Time: 2019-10-23


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Cat 336D2 XE Excellent mechanical equipment for fuel economy

The caterpillar Excavator is highly efficient, reliable, and worry-free. The caterpillar Excavator is easy to work for 17 or 18 hours a day.

John, our customer limestone mining and loading company, purchased a Cat 336D2 XE excavator in early 2017. This new hydraulic hybrid Cat 336D2 XE not only does work, but also saves fuel.

The time spent working each day is much lower, the cost of cat excavator is much lower, and the engineering project is more profitable.

Cat 336D2 XE-fuel efficient

Regarding the low fuel consumption of the 336D2 XE, there is no comparison. John has three Cat Excavators loaded in limestone.
The two 336Ds use more than 40 liters of oil per hour. The 336D2 XE Excavator uses 30 liters to meet the day's workload. One day at work, I can see the gap.

The Cat 336D2 Excavator is similar to other Cat Excavators, with the biggest difference being that the swivel is faster than other Cat Excavators.
The Cat 336D2 Excavator has almost no frequency of occurrence and works smoothly. The Cat 336D2 Excavator also has the advantage of being quiet and quieter to operate;
In addition, the equipment maintenance has been upgraded, and daily lubrication is very convenient. Most of the work can be done on the ground.

China Machinery Trading is a Chinese manufacturer specializing in the sale of used excavators. Caterpillar Excavator has a large customer base and we have a wealth of
Caterpillar Excavator models and ample inventory, if you are interested or need, please feel free to contact us.

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