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Caterpillar 330C excavator worth buying

Release Time: 2020-02-11


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Caterpillar 330C excavator worth buying
Caterpillar is the world's largest supplier of construction machinery and mining equipment. As a world-renowned manufacturer of excavators, the Caterpillar 330C excavator is a product recommended by Chinese machinery today.

The Caterpillar 330C weighs 30,900 kg, has a bucket capacity of 1.8 cubic meters, and has a rated power of 194 kw / rpm. Of the 30-ton excavators, Caterpillar is a backhoe excavator.

This excavator is highly recommended because the Cat 330 excavator sets the standard for performance and fuel efficiency for excavators of the same level. That is, the Caterpillar 330C excavator is a device with outstanding performance in the same model.

The quotation of second-hand Caterpillar 330C is about 300,000 to 500,000, the usage time is not higher than 13,800 hours, 80% new, other parts are not damaged and repaired, if you want to know more specific Caterpillar 330C performance and parameter comparison, Want to know more about the Caterpillar 330C, China Machinery provides free full service.