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Used Caterpillar Excavator

Used Caterpillar Excavator

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Used CAT12H Roader

Distance between blade and front wheel (mm) 2575Overall length (mm) 8571Overall width (mm) 2440Overall height (mm) 3107
Used CAT12H Roader
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Used Cat12H Roader Specifications & Dimensions

Distance between blade and front wheel (mm) 2575
Overall length (mm) 8571
Overall width (mm) 2440
Overall height (mm) 3107
Wheelbase of front and rear axle (mm) 6086
Rear wheelbase (mm) 1523
Minimum ground clearance (mm) 341.5

Used Cat12H Roader operating weight

Basic machine (kg) 14200
Basic front axle (kg) 3784
Basic rear axle (kg) 10416

Used Cat12H blade performance

Blade length × height (mm) 3658 * 610
Shovel soil depth (mm) 735
Cutting angle (°) 5
Blade tilt angle (°) 40

Used Cat12H engine

Model Caterpillar C-9ETAVHP
Rated power (kw / rpm) 123/2000
Number of engine cylinders 6
Displacement (L) 8.8
Horsepower 150-180 horsepower

steering system
Minimum turning radius (m) 7.4

4th speed (km / h)

Filling amount
Fuel tank (L) 378
Hydraulic system (L) 74
Coolant (L) 44