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Basic parameters of used Hitachi ZH200-5A excavator

Release Time: 2020-11-10


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Basic parameters of used Hitachi ZH200-5A excavator

Hitachi excavators are the leader of Japanese excavators, and the overall performance of used Hitachi excavators is also very good. The second-hand Hitachi ZH200-5A excavator has powerful advantages such as low fuel consumption, low emission, and hybrid power. The following editor will introduce this excavator model in detail.

-Basic parameters-

The used Hitachi ZH200-5A excavator has a weight of 20900KG, a stick length of 2.91M, a bucket capacity of 0.91m 3 and a maximum digging force of 143KN.
Overall, as a 20-ton excavator, Hitachi ZH200-5A is very powerful in basic parameters.

-Core configuration


The Hitachi ZH200-5A uses the original imported Isuzu GI-4HK1XKSA-03 engine. I don’t need to introduce the Isuzu engine too much. Rugged, durable and efficient output are the advantages of Isuzu engines. It is worth mentioning that the fuel tank capacity of Hitachi ZH200-5A has reached 400L and the displacement is 5.193L. For a 20-ton excavator, these two data can be described as remarkable. The volume and displacement are a lot of bonus points for Hitachi ZH200-5A.

Control system

Hitachi ZH200-5A integrates a hybrid power system and an energy-saving and efficient 3-pump 3-valve hydraulic system, providing reliable technical support for achieving lower fuel consumption and lower emissions.

-Driving comfort-

All Hitachi excavators have done a great job in terms of cab comfort. Of course, Hitachi ZH200-5A will not be exaggerated. The machine has ample leg space and excellent vision. The front window glass area is large. A large area of glass is used under the driving door to provide a wider field of vision.

The wide field of view alone is not enough to satisfy the Hitachi ZH200-5A. The standard suspension seat of the machine provides excellent shock absorption, which helps to reduce the fatigue of the operator. It can be said that 360 degrees is a comfortable driving feeling for users. For your sake.


In the maintenance of Hitachi ZH200-5A, in order to allow users to save more maintenance costs, the electronic components such as Hitachi ZH200-5A electric motor are maintenance-free, and no special maintenance is required on a daily basis.

For the convenience of maintenance, Hitachi ZH200-5A fuel main filter. Fuel pre-filter. Pilot filter. The oil filter and electric fuel pump are concentrated in the pump room, which is very convenient to replace.

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