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950 GC Cat loaders are extremely durable

Release Time: 2019-10-14


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950 GC Cat loaders are extremely durable

Cat loaders are extremely durable, and in extreme conditions, the life of a typical loader is generally less than three years, while the life of a Cat 950 GC loader can be reached.

More than twice the size of a normal loader. In a quarry environment, it is most important to choose a loader with good mechanical properties.

cat loader

 Cat 950 GC loader

If the excavator on the construction site is rented, the rent is expensive, and the supply is in short supply. Buying new cat excavator equipment is expensive, considering the frequency of use and budget, purchase

Secondhand caterpillar excavator has become the first choice for many operators.

Cat loaders equipment is extremely durable, and in the extreme conditions of the quarry, the life of a typical loader is generally less than three years, and the life of the Cat 950 GC loader can be reached.

More than 2 times the normal loader. At the same time, the Cat 950 GC loader offers significant fuel savings thanks to advanced technology integration. After calculation, the overall fuel consumption of the Cat 950 GC loader is higher than other

The loader saves about 5 liters per hour on average and saves 30% of fuel. If you work 20 hours a day, you can save about 500 yuan in fuel costs per day, and you can save more than 100,000 yuan a year.

Three years can save four to five hundred thousand yuan, not only will earn more than the purchase cost of other brands, but also expected Cat 950 GC loader can continue to use.

Longer life and lower cost of ownership are the biggest reasons to buy a second-hand caterpillar excavator. In addition, the Cat 950 GC loader extends the reliability of Cat equipment.

The Cat 950 GC high-loading loader increases the unloading height and easily loads and unloads the stone into the raised truck and directly into the center of the truck.
In this way, the stones can be dispersed on their own, and they are evenly distributed in the truck. The loader can be loaded and unloaded on one side without re-leveling, and the bucket will not collide with the truck.

Effectively protect trucks and buckets, greatly improving work efficiency.

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