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Evaluation: Which 7-ton small excavator to buy?

Release Time: 2020-02-20


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Evaluation: Which 7-ton small excavator to buy?
In 2019, the sales volume of small digging is leading, and small excavators are so popular, and 75 is undoubtedly one of the main battlefields of small digging. In the final analysis, it is not surprising that from the perspective of return-to-cycle, market demand, price, etc., 75 features can become the favorite excavator in the market, and competition between domestic and foreign manufacturers is intensifying.

In the face of more optional space, there are a lot of 75 models. According to statistics, the available brands are Sany, Carter, Liugong, Doosan, Kobelco, Volvo, Hyundai, Lingong, Shantui, Sumitomo, etc. The difficulty of starting and purchasing has greatly increased. Want to buy a 75 machine, how to choose?
China Machinery analyzes three imported three excavators: Doosan DX75-9C, Kobelco SK75-8, and Hyundai R75BVS.

First: the overall parameters

Type Weight Bucket capacity
Fuel tank capacity
Doosan DX75-9C
Kobelco SK75-8 
Hyundai R75BVS 

In terms of bucket capacity, Kobelco SK75-8 has a capacity of 0.4, which is larger than the other two. The fuel tank capacity of 140L is the most common capacity of small excavators to meet the needs of daily construction.

The engine is like the heart of an excavator. The engine is an important reference standard when buying 75. Kobelco SK75-8 is an Isuzu direct injection supercharged engine. Hyundai R75BVS and Doosan DX75-9C chose Yanmar 4TNV98 engine. The most powerful Hyundai R75BVS has 44.4KW, Kobelco SK75-8 42KW, Doosan DX75-9C39KW.

In terms of cab, from the perspective of space, Doosan DX75-9C and Kobelco SK75-8 are medium and large cabs, which is a good choice for users who require large cab space. From the perspective of internal features, Hyundai R75BVS driver The interior is simple.

From a price perspective, Kobelco currently has a slightly higher price and users with sufficient budgets. Choosing a 75 machine is a good choice. Will the joint venture machine join the frenzy of price reduction in 2020? We will wait and see. China Machinery is keeping an eye on the latest developments in the excavator industry.