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The cab is oversized! 7-ton Doosan DX75-9C excavator

Release Time: 2020-05-22


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The cab is oversized! 7-ton Doosan DX75-9C excavator
There is a popular model Doosan DX75-9C in the second-hand excavator market, 7-ton small excavator Doosan DX75-9C, how about this excavator? China Machinery is organized from two aspects, first look at 7-ton small digger Doosan DX75-9C's overall parameter performance introduction, and also interviewed the users who have purchased our 7-ton small digger Doosan DX75-9C, how about their feedback?
doosan DX75-9c

Doosan DX75-9C excavator features

The Doosan DX75-9C excavator is a 7-ton classic small excavation product with a total weight of 7420kg and a bucket capacity of 0.3m³. It is very suitable for municipal construction, highways, agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry. Compared with the previous generation, Doosan DX75-9C has improved fuel consumption by 12%, fuel efficiency has increased by 11% and walking speed has increased by 4%.

In terms of working devices, Doosan DX75-9C adopts the strengthened design of large and small arms, the integrated design of the base plate of the big arm, reduces the welding points of the small and large arms, and improves the structure to avoid stress concentration, and improves the stability and durability of the large and small arms. In addition, the new idler with optimized structural design is adopted, and the integrated casting process is used to simplify the assembly process and improve the connection strength. The fixing method of the lower roller is changed to the center, which increases the stability of the lower body and greatly improves the structural strength of the chassis. Doosan DX75-9C adopts a newly designed battery box, adding a butter barrel and a grease gun bracket to provide users with better convenience.

In terms of power, the Doosan DX75-9C excavator is equipped with a Yanmar 4TNV98-EXS engine with a rated power of 39kW / 2200rpm. It uses a mechanical injection system and has the characteristics of high fuel efficiency and strong durability. The air pre-filter ensures the cleanliness of the engine's combustion system and intake system, and ensures the quality and durability of the engine.

The Doosan DX75-9C uses a medium and large DX series cab, which makes the cab space very spacious. The cab is spacious and comfortable, and there are advantages and disadvantages. The cab inside the Doosan DX75-9C is equipped with a comfortable air conditioning system and an operation panel machine. The model is upgraded, and there is also an engine emergency brake button inside.

doosan DX75-9c
Each excavator has advantages and disadvantages. How do users of Doosan 75 feel during use? To this end, I interviewed two owners of Doosan DX75-9C

User one:

Purchase time: December 26, 2018
Hours of use: 200 hours
Reason for purchase: The first Doosan new model is more beautiful, the cab is very large, and the Yanmar EFI 98 engine is used
Advantages: The Doosan DX75-9C's cab is particularly large, the suspension seats are good, and the radio signal is particularly good. It is stronger than other brands of excavator radio signals, and has signals in deep mountains.

User two

Purchase time: July 2018
The Doosan DX75 cab is big! The seat can be put down and rest at noon. The movement is smooth, there are multiple lockers in the cab, you can put some small things!

For fans who like a large cab, buying a Doosan DX75-9C excavator is a good choice. If you are interested in other 7-ton small excavators, you can read this article for reference!