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6 used excavators of 20 tons

Release Time: 2020-10-14


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6 used excavators of 20 tons
Used excavators have become a good choice for users due to their high cost performance. Today, the editor of China Machinery will give you an inventory of six 20-ton used excavators.

Caterpillar 320D

Caterpillar 320D

Caterpillar 320D can be said to be a 20-ton star model. It is one of Carter's best-selling hydraulic excavators. It has a high degree of attention in the second-hand excavator market. 

The working weight of the whole machine is 20930kg, and the standard bucket capacity is 1 cubic meter. Caterpillar C6.4 engine adopts ACERT™ technology with a rated power of 103kW. 

ACERT technology provides the best performance of the engine while meeting global low emission regulations. The engine speed automatic control function can reduce the engine speed.

Komatsu PC200-8

Komatsu PC200-8

Komatsu PC200-8 excavator was launched in 2008. It is a common 20-ton model in the used excavator market. 

The working weight of the machine is 19,900-2,1990 kg, and the standard bucket capacity is 0.8 cubic meters. 

The more powerful SAA6D107E-1 4-stroke 6-cylinder high-pressure common rail EFI engine is adopted. 

The hydraulic system is equipped with the CLSS hydraulic system independently developed by Komatsu, and the Kangchas system is standard, which can feedback machine information at any time.

Kobelco SK210LC-8

Kobelco SK210LC-8

Speaking of second-hand excavators of about 20 tons, Kobelco, which is known for its fast working speed, is of course indispensable. SK210LC-8 is Kobelco's 21-ton -8 series extended crawler excavators. 

The machine has a mass of 21.2 tons and is equipped with a Hino Hino J05E engine with a rated power of 114 kilowatts and a bucket capacity of 1 cubic meter. 

It is an excavator with high efficiency, low consumption and suitable for earthmoving operations.

Doosan DH220LC-7

Doosan DH220LC-7

Doosan DH220LC-7 has a weight of 21,400 kg and a bucket capacity of 1.18 cubic meters. It uses a Doosan DB58TI engine, which has better fuel economy. 

According to many customers, the fuel consumption at full load is about 17-18 liters per hour, which is relatively good in the 20-ton excavator. 

Coolant cooling technology is used to fully cool the engine water temperature; advanced electronic control technology ensures more reliable performance.

Volvo EC210B

Volvo EC210B

Volvo EC210B is the first medium-sized excavator launched by Volvo Construction Equipment in China in 2003, and the used excavator market is still active today. 

The working weight of the whole machine is 20500kg, and the bucket capacity is 0.75-1.55 cubic meters. 

The Volvo D6D electronic injection engine is used, which has low emissions and excellent engine performance. 

A shock absorption device is installed in the cab to effectively prevent operator fatigue during work.

Doosan DH225LC-7

Doosan DH225LC-7

The weight of the Doosan DH225LC-7 is 21500kg, the bucket capacity is 0.5~1.28m³, the maximum digging range is 9910mm, and the maximum digging height is 9660mm. 

Equipped with Doosan DB58TIS engine, rated power (kw/rpm) 110/1950, the engine uses high efficiency, low consumption turbocharged and mid-mounted cooling engine. 

The reason why many people choose this used excavator is mainly because of its low price, strong leather and low maintenance cost.