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6 types of Hitachi excavators

Release Time: 2020-07-15


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6 types of Hitachi excavators

Today I will introduce 6 types of Hitachi excavators

Mini excavator

Hitachi Mini excavator

Hitachi mini excavators are known for their efficiency and innovation. By improving the design, it can ensure efficient and safe operation in narrow operation sites, so it is especially suitable for densely populated urban areas.

✧ Medium excavator

Hitachi Medium excavator

If you are looking for a high-quality excavator, Hitachi excavator is undoubtedly your best choice. Like its large-scale excavators, Hitachi medium-sized excavators are well known by users all over the world for their reliable quality and excellent design.

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✧ Large excavator

Hitachi Large excavator

Hitachi Construction Machinery is a market leader in large hydraulic excavators. Through the unremitting pursuit of quality, combined with excellent engineering machinery principles, we have manufactured high-strength, long-life machines to meet the requirements of users in mining operations.

✧ Shovel excavator

Hitachi Shovel Excavator

Hitachi Shovel excavator is powerful and easy to operate, and can handle any size of loading in various types of mining or construction sites. Its high reliability allows you to obtain the best work efficiency while maintaining low maintenance costs.

✧ Wheel excavator

Hitachi Wheel excavator

Quality assurance runs through all Hitachi excavators, and Hitachi wheeled excavators are no exception. These well-designed and reliable machines bring you greater mobility and flexibility to meet various work needs.

✧ Excavator on board

The powerful digging force, smooth and fast operation performance make Hitachi ship excavator capable of any large-scale water operations.