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6 tons of excavator top5! Is your heart moving?

Release Time: 2020-02-24


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6 tons of excavator top5! Is your heart moving?

China Machinery recently found a questionnaire survey of the "most popular 6-ton excavator" results, and live up to expectations, Carter, Komatsu, Doosan, and Kubota ranked first in their purchase list. Let ’s take a look at what users care about most.

When purchasing a 6-ton excavator, low fuel consumption, good controllability, fast speed, and strong work are undoubtedly the performance that users want to satisfy. From the 10 excavators participating in the ranking, Doosan DX55-9C, Komatsu PC56-7, Kubota KX155-5, and CAT305.5E2 became the focus.

First of all, from the perspective of the power system, Komatsu PC56-7, Kubota KX155-5, and CAT305.5E2 all use Kubota diesel engines with a rated output of 29 to 34kW; Doosan DX55-9C uses Yanmar 4TNV94L engine with a cylinder diameter of 94mm and a displacement of 3.054 liters. Doosan DX55-9C wins at rated power.

Looking at fuel consumption, the Kubota KX155-5 is equipped with a low noise / low fuel consumption V2403-M-DI-E3, ECO mode / auto idle mode.

Doosan DX55-9C also has an automatic idle mode, while CAT305.5E2 is a manual idle mode. Komatsu PC56-7 is turbocharged and can input a large amount of power.

The automatic idle system operation lever stops for 4 seconds, the engine automatically switches to idle operation, and the engine is restored to the original speed immediately by operating the engine again, thereby achieving the purpose of saving fuel.

It can be seen that the fuel consumption savings of Kubota KX155-5 and Doosan DX55-9C will be more obvious.

In terms of bucket capacity, Komatsu PC56-7 and CAT305.5E2 are 0.22 square meters, while the other two are 0.18 square meters of Doosan DX55-9C and 0.19 square meters of Kubota KX155-5 excavators.

In terms of booms, Kubota and Doosan are front-mounted, Komatsu PC56-7 and CAT305.5E2 are side-mounted, and CAT305.5E2 is a 5.35-ton standard tail excavator, equipped with a bulldozer floating function as standard, cleaning and backfilling operations at the site. More efficient and easier.

From the main parameters of the hydraulic system of the five excavators, Doosan DX55-9C ranked first with a bucket digging force of 41kN, and Komatsu PC56-7 ranked first with a hydraulic pump flow of 146Lpm. The digging force and the hydraulic pump flow are understood as "strong" and "powerful" in actual operation.

Finally, in terms of exterior design, the Kubota KX155-5 excavator painted in red is the most eye-catching, with a small body and a narrow space to show its skills. The orange Doosan DX55-9C excavator has a large cab, the Komatsu PC56-7 excavator is small and cute, and the CAT 305.5E2 is painted in yellow + gray black.

In summary, Doosan DX55-9C energy-saving control hydraulic system can effectively reduce the internal instability of the hydraulic pressure during work and reduce power loss. The Komatsu PC56-7 excavator is equipped with a CLSS closed load-sensing hydraulic system, which saves fuel and controls various functional pressures individually, and has advantages such as good compound operability.

CatE2 series mini digs are equipped with HDH load-sensing flow-sharing hydraulic system as standard to ensure high digging force and agile operation. The new generation multi-loop control system will significantly increase the efficiency of the excavator and effectively reduce fuel consumption.

The four 6-ton excavators are all excavators with good performance. If you feel that you are short of money to buy a new 6-ton excavator, you may consider coming to China Machinery.

I have selected a foreign brand excavator with reliable quality, high configuration and moderate price, which is definitely worth buying. In the new year, choose a second-hand excavator to work!